Animal Chiropractic

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Dr. Blanton is a Parker Chiropractic College certified animal chiropractor, having taken and completed the 220 hour course.
  • Animal chiropractors treat subluxations (slight misalignments) in vertebrae and joints that are not moving correctly. The examination and treatment of these subluxations and joints always remains within the normal range of motion.
  • Animal chiropractors look for abnormal or restricted movement of the joints, spine, and extremities which have an effect on the nervous system and the entire body. The goal of the animal chiropractor is to restore proper movement of the affected joints so the nervous system and body can function at its maximum healthy potential.
  • If performed correctly and with proper training chiropractic is safe and effective in treating your animal.
  • Sometimes during an adjustment the animal may experience slight discomfort for a brief moment due to the tightness that may be present from the subluxation or loss of mobility in a joint. Following the adjustment your doctor may recommend ice if possible in order to reduce swelling and soreness as the muscles relax thanks to the subluxation or joint now being or beginning to return to its proper alignment.
  • Generally the animal should have the remainder of the day following an adjustment to rest. Each animal is evaluated on an individual basis and the doctor may provide you with additional information on the best course of action that is right for your animal.